Korea...and whiny people!

So, I've got my heart set on moving to Korea this summer. I'd been hoping for Japan for so many years, but I think it's time to think of something different, and the set up costs in Korea are much, much lower. So I'm applying for jobs just now.

But really I just need to rant because I am so sick of reading the endless blog entries written by people about clothes dryers (or, if you're in the UK, tumble dryers!) written by US expats. I'm really NOT interested about how "difficult" it's been to adjust to air-drying your clothes. You act like the country you're in is asking you to walk barefoot through the streets. You have no idea how ridiculous this looks to the rest of the world.

Yes, they're handy for sheets and something you need dry quickly, but Jesus they are NOT the equivalent of a washing machine!

I had two flatmates in their mid 20s (!!!) spent about FOUR HOURS traipsing through Prague to find a launderette (the fact they spilled washing powder all the way down 4 sets of stairs and didn't clean it up while doing this doesn't help my grouchyness on this subject) then complain that air-dried clothes were too "crunchy." Then lifted up my fabric softener and asked, "what is this for."

UGH. Get over it. It is nothing to write home about.

I'm not worried about Koreans, I'm more worried about ex pats I'm going to encounter.

On backbends…

I’m not going to post this on a dance forum, because I don’t know what I might kick up. I’ve been made to be paranoid about backbends after what a lot of people have said on them. Compression of the spine, slipped discs, unnatural bending etc. I’ve actually resisted doing them, convinced they were damaging my back.

However, last night I found myself out for dinner with friends, one of whom happens to be a professional chiropractor. So out of curiousity, I queried him on how healthy it was to bend the spine backwards.

He said it wasn’t unhealthy at all. Obviously within reason, but he said the majority of spinal injuries and slipped discs occur not from bending backwards, but bending forwards or twisting improperly. The discs tend to slip in, and injury often occurs when people lift things improperly (in which case, more often than not, they lean a little forward). Bending back itself, if done in a reasonably way (supported by muscles and not “crunching”) actually poses very little risk. I remember Morocco saying a very similar thing at her masterclass at Raqs Britannia, and she’s been dancing for decades and looks in excellent shape.

So there you go then. I just did one. And it felt great.

Magazine article on the Dance competition

Yay! I'm in a magazine (briefly)! Nafoura, December issue. There's a lenghty article concerning Fereshteh (my new teacher) which I found really interesting. Turns out she quit her job and went to Egypt aged 20...which is kind of what I wanted to do in the first place! My parents are dead, dead set against it though...still. :S


Photo Love

I love these two photos from the awards...I may look kinda chubby in them and they're not the most flattering. But I look lost in the moment, or something. It just reflects how I feel (ludicrously happy, it seems, haha!) Sorry if these are not properly credited...

Update - at long last!

It's been ages and ages and ages since I last posted.

I am alive. And doing exceedingly well if I may say so.

Was diagnosed with the blues a few months ago. But since coming to terms with it and being open about it...I realise I have more friends than I ever imagined and actually...life is really pretty good. There's no reason not to be happy with life or myself.

The dancing is going very well. I'm doing LA style and Cuban salsa now. Belly dancing as usual...I've built up a really good relationship with my teacher now and I really understand where she's coming from and not to feel so downtrodden. It's teaching me a lot about life.

I competed on Friday, and won third place. Pictures to follow, for there are some.

At last! Dance drills!

I'm finally getting off my ass after so many years and coming up with a planned and detailed dance practice/drill. Thought half an hour would be enough to write it up, God I was wrong. So far I have managed to separate it into the following categories:

-Flexibility (self explanatory - my achilles tendon and hamstrings are terrible, but also flexibility in the torso)
-Strengthening (also self explanatory...focus on the backs of my legs, glutes, abs and back muscles...arms to follow)
-Drills (layering, shimmies, releve)
-Practice (general dancing, spinning/turns, improvisation)
-Musicality (could do zills, also improvisation, switch between practice of music "types," Youtube study, that sort of thing...finding more music to add to my collection)
-Presentation (this should permeate all of it. Stage presence, posture, smiling, emotion...could also add hair and makeup, but I have plenty of practice with that anyway).

Can't think of anything else.

Feeling much better today.

Surprise loss of money is never a good thing, and this month especially it's hard for me to take. If I lose money, I have to reassure myself that money can replenish itself and that it's not the end of the world and you have to let it go. It's hard to do without justification.

I sat and mulled it over. £20 could be easily spent on a night out and wasted, but there are few things I could spend £63 on and not notice. Feels like a brick to the face.

Thing is, the whole issue with all the bills in the first place...I knew something was going to go wrong, from the start. I wasn't assertive enough.

Call this an expensive lesson. I need to assert myself and respect myself. I need to trust myself. No, I REALLY need to. Because then this is what happens. And I deserve, in the future, someone who has his shit together. And I shouldn't doubt myself or take the blame when it's not always my fault (it was kind of my fault this time, but there were many other times where I just accepted the blame from him). I am an intelligent person. I think I know when I'm right or when I'm wrong. When I'm wrong and I realise it, I always apologise.

It needed to be something bad that told me this, so much that it almost physically hurt. So now I've learned, I'll accept it and move on.

I'm still angry at him though. But well, I suppose it's natural.

(no subject)

Okay, now my anger is actually so extreme that I can't focus on anything else.

Yes, I left it too long to cancel the bloody insurance. BUT the reason I asked him to take it on when we moved in together was so that I wasn't financially responsible and accountable for everything. That was HIS responsibility and I gave it to him. I couldn't cancel it through the bank, I tried to. He should have done it. I shouldn't have had to remind him of it, he's an adult - and he said the same to me once.

Now I'm forking out a lot of money on nothing. Money that would cover almost entire the cost of the Yasmina workshops, which I was already struggling to cover, now there's no f*cking way. Money that I will never see again, because there's not a hope in the deepest pit of hell that he would ever offer to pay back. Not even a pound.

And he scrounged off my family. Call this an expensive f*cking lesson. What pisses me off the most? His parents are effing loaded, all he ever has to do if he needs money is phone up daddy and he'll get it. You'd think it would make him more relaxed or generous, but no he's a great big mollycoddled baby with a fist tighter than a sparrow's *rsehole.



Home insurance policy was not cancelled on time, I miscalculated the amount by 38 pence and went overdrawn. I now owe the bank £63 for going over on top of everything else.

I'm really, really not in a happy mood. "Aunt Ruby" is making her monthly visit and everything just seems dark.

Financially I'm in a really, really bad place. And it's the worst time to look to making more money. I really want to go to the congress and the Yasmina workshops...

I thought about corsetry, but that would take away time from me being able to do virtually anything else...plus I checked ebay to see what people charge, and the chances of me actually making money on it are slim.

I'm starting to think of going from restaurant to restaurant to beg for a gig. Either that or it's working fast food at the weekends, if I'm lucky.

God...surely I'm worth more than this? *long deep sigh*